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Letter From a Consumer: New SG14 Griddle

Letter From a Consumer: New SG14 Griddle

We love receiving letters from our consumers. It really does bolster our pride in the Camp Chef brand when we here such positive reviews from those who use our products. The following is a recent letter we received from Derek Lindey who recently purchased our newest steel griddle, the SG14 Single Burner Griddle.

Derek’s letter is quoted below:

“My new SG14 fry griddle fit’s PERFECT!

“As a Camp Chef junkie, I am always looking for the newest, latest, and greatest products from Camp Chef. Recently I was perusing my local Camp Chef dealer when I stumbled upon the new SG14 griddle. Once I saw that it would fit my new Big Gas Grill (SPG90B), I knew it was a must have.

“So as you can tell from the pictures, I have tried it out a few times and indeed it frys bacon and eggs like a champ. I really like the heat dispersion plate that is on the bottom to spread even heat to all areas of the griddle.

“As a BONUS it fit’s perfect with my 8 year old 2 burner (Model SOC-60X) stove. My old 2 burner stove has stood the test of time and somehow I can’t seem to get rid of it. I love the modular cooking system that Camp Chef has designed and how my new ‘Model’ fits my new and old stove.”

“Keep up the good work,
Derek Lindley


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