Let It Snow

By on April 4, 2012

Not really, just thought it would get your attention. March is a strange outdoor month for me. The ice becomes unsafe for fishing. If you can fish the ice, most fish are pretty lethargic prior to ice out. I’m just coming off the show circuit and need a bit of a focus change.

What to do in March….. Spring season Snow Geese what else! Snow Goose populations had reached such a low number that in 1916 they were taken off the hunting list in the eastern United States. By the mid 70’s the numbers had rebounded so the population could once again be hunted. Goose numbers are now at all time highs and liberal seasons with no bag limits don’t seem to be able to curtail the numbers. Biologists fear a species crash and possible irreversible habitat damage if numbers are not brought into control.

Snow Goose Hunting is fairly specialized and like with most waterfowling, Scouting and being where the birds want to be is important. We hunted over spread of 300 to 400 decoys and used electronic calls and spin machines. Spin machines add motion to the spread to help with realism. Snow geese are hunted from the time they begin to Migrate to the US coastal regions in August

though March. By the time we got after them…they’d seen it all. I’d suggest hiring a guide for your goose outing. Doing a little math I most likely shot more snow geese in two days than I will Canadian Geese in six. The expense to accomplish that is most likely cheaper leaning at Snow Geese.

Then there is the dog work. If you like to watch good retrievers, snow goose hunting will give you the show. The dogs we hunted with had any where from 1000 to 1300 retrieves on geese alone in any one year. Dogs pretty much get thinking for themselves with that much experience. They recognize both geese falling dead in the decoys and wounded flyers and will run past a dead fall to get to a wounded flyer. It is amazing!

While the Teal Duck is my favorite waterfowl pallet wise, I found Snows to be right in there.

Take a breast half and cut it butterfly. Then soak it overnight in milk in the fridge. I pre heat my grill box to medium heat and spray olive cooking oil on the grates. I then sear one side for four minutes and the other side for three. Mop with your favorite bbq sauce. Turn off the heat and close the lid allowing the bbq sauce to set up for another 3-4 minutes. Serve with rice and Broccoli.