Labor Day Adventures

By on September 7, 2011

A long week + Perfect weather = Time to camp!

Over Labor Day weekend some friends and I decided to go camping in the mountains not far from our home.

My husband and I sleep in a tent, and we are always looking for storage ideas! I decided to give the Sherpa Table a try. I actually really liked it. We were able to put our plates, cups, and silverware in the pouches! We put snacks in some and even some small pots and pans in one. The top part came in extra handy! It seams like we are always looking for more counter space.

~ Here is our set up ~

It was also great that the table zipped up and so we were able to keep out the critters and dirt!

Although I LOVED the table….. I also LOVED dinner that night!

Cheesy potatoes, Steaks, and Pork Chops!

We cooked on an Expedition stove, so we were able to use a barbecue box and the other burner for our dutch oven.

The meat was good, but the potatoes turned out GREAT, and to be honest they really could have gone either way! We got the potatoes and onions out of the garden and poured in some cream of mushroom soup! At this point we realized we had way to many potatoes and not enough liquid to cook them in…. SO, when in need add Mountain Dew (its what we had)! Once the potatoes were done we covered them with cheese and dinner was served!