One of the most asked questions about our Smoke Vaults is how to make jerky. I have found that it’s pretty easy and think that by the time you read this you will agree.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous the first time I gave it a try, so I did what any reasonable person would and called someone that would know what to do. The fine folks at Hi Mtn Seasonings know their way around jerky and met my questions with solid answers. The method has now been tried numerous times over the past few years and works very well.

I was told to start by getting eye of round roast; I guess it’s a great combination of muscle and marbled fat. Most butcher good butcher shops will slice the roasts for you, if not you can get a kit to do it. I like thicker cuts of jerky and request it to be sliced at about ¼”. From there I slice thin slabs into strips, preferably against the grain. Slicing it against the grain will make it easier to eat, think of the long stringy pieces you have had before.

Once sliced follow the directions in the jerky seasoning packets. I was told to follow them closely and not deviate too far from the weight recommendations. The included detailed instructions give two options based on the type of jerky, whole muscle or ground. Measurements are given in pounds, so try and get your roasts close to full pounds.
Hi Mtn makes a bunch of flavors, I try to stick to 3 or 4 of them, Original, Hickory and Cracked Pepper & Garlic. Mix the seasoning and cure together in the included shaker bottle, and then spread evenly over the sliced meat. Place the seasoned meat in a gallon freezer bag and put into the fridge for 24 hours. It’s not a bad idea to take the bag out on occasion to “knead” or mix the meat and seasoning around.

After a good 24-hour chill take the jerky out of the bag and put it into the smoker. The Smoke Vaults come with one jerky rack; you can buy others to maximize your space in the smoker. Place the strips evenly on the racks then smoke for 2 to 2.5 hours at about 225 degrees.

When the jerky is done turn the smoker off and let everything cool for 10 minutes, then place warm jerky into a new gallon bag and seal it. It will keep the moisture from the meat in the meat, simple but very effective.

Lastly, either consume or vacuum pack and freeze to be shared later on. Hi Mtn has done a masterful job in shortening the learning curve for making your own jerky. Give it a try, your friends will thank you!