Jarod Scott Outdoors


Just returned from doing a video segment with Jarod Scott Outdoors TV program out of Idaho Falls Idaho. It was fishing for Cisco at Bear Lake. Ciscos are unique to this water and spawn every year at this time. Many people use them for bait for Cutthroat and Lake Trout. I like em smoked and deep fried. This year I’ll try some baked since the Doc says deep fried is off the list.

It was a balmy ten degrees when I got there. It took about thirty minutes to catch my limit of thirty. Found fairly soon that I had a leak in my wader. When Jarod and the crew showed up I ran the camera. About got a photo of one guy going in the drink. I offered a stove if someone would do it for the camera…..no takers (pretty safe bet).

Using my Camp Chef Oven, Hot apple cider, Hot Chocolate and Mc type muffins topped it off after we finished up. Cisco should run through the week tapering off by the 30th. They were spooky this morning.