If You Eat Bad, Well…

By on January 21, 2013

When you run out of ducks (season closes) then what….? Well, there is always the hard top. Ice fishing is almost as insane as waiting for ducks in like temperatures. But unlike most late season duck hunting, with fish, you can get inside one of the new ice tents and with a heater be shielded from the elements. Fish don’t seem to mind the beacon of fabric sitting above them.

It was 2 degrees when three of us walked on to the ice in northern Utah Friday morning. Knowing we’d be fighting high pressure anyway, we waited till the sun was up to venture forth.

Getting out of the inversion would be worth any cold we’d endure. We decided to forgo the ice hut and be mobile in search of any schooling Perch. We were slightly above the inversion and the sun helped ward off the cold. But a puff of wind was all it took to make you uncomfortable.

The fishing was sub par. We iced 8 trout in four hours. One was worthy of making it to the smoker brine where some cousins were already bathing and awaiting the Sunday smoke out. The other seven got a chance to grow.

The best part of the trip, besides the good company, was the pulled venison and pepper jack grilled sandwiches chased with a cup of noodles. The sandwiches were built the night before. This made them easy to deal with in the cold. They were ready to be place on the Denali stoves griddle with minimal hand expose to the cold. Boiling a bit of hot water put the noodles in business.

You can’t control Mother Nature but….If the foods bad, well… that’s your fault!

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