I Just Can’t Wear Out My Camp Chef Stove

By on May 26, 2011

I look forward to taking my Camp Chef stove to southern Indiana every June and September on fishing trips. We cook all of our meals on this stove, from coffee to grilling in the BBQ box, the food is great every time. This unit works great with the legs storing under the base and packs easily. I received this stove as a gift from my in-laws in the early 1990′s and use it several times a year camping. I have only had to replace the burner knobs this last year because the lettering was worn from cleaning the unit. We also use the stove every canning season from meat to vegetable canning. It is the best unit to do everything you need to do outdoors or in the garage in cold weather. My Camp Chef cook stove has fried several thousand fish fillets and french fries for our church’s annual fish fry. Try hauling a gas grill to a camping trip and you will truly appreciate this portable unit with the BBQ box and all of the options you have. I have been waiting to wear this unit out so I can look at purchasing the 3 burner stove to replace it. Thank you for inventing these cook stoves for cooking convenience at home or on the road.


One thought on “I Just Can’t Wear Out My Camp Chef Stove”

  1. Thanks for your review, I just got my Denali 3x from Costco and have done breakfast on it once using a flat cast iron skillet across two burners and the cast iron Dutch oven over the third burner for hash browns. This is a great stove with heat to spare, I mean you could raise a hot air balloon with those burners. Its great to see the longevity you have had with yours. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your point of view. Very helpful and informative!

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