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How to Smoke Brisket in the New Pellet Grill and Smoker or the Smoke Vault

How to Smoke Brisket in the New Pellet Grill and Smoker or the Smoke Vault

A good brisket takes patience and good consistent heat. I smoked a brisket in our 24” Smoke Vault as well as in our new Pellet Grill and Smoker. By following the same steps in each product I saw some fantastic results.

I bought my brisket untrimmed and did the work myself of trimming off the excess fat. Then I worked up a batch of my favorite rub, Mike’s Magic Dust. Coating the brisket with a little olive oil I then proceeded to work the rub into it. Completely covering the entire surface with the rub I then let it sit out covered for about an hour.

I preheated both the Smoke Vault and Pellet Grill to 220 degrees, the Pellet Grill was placed on the high smoke setting to increase the smoke at that temperature. I placed a combination of Apple and Cherry wood chips in the Smoke Vault and pellets in the Pellet Grill. Then placing the brisket directly onto the racks I let it smoke until it reached an internal temperature of 160 degrees. This can sometimes take a few hours as the connective tissues break down. The entire process usually takes 8-10 hours. Some people wrap it in foil when it hits 160 degrees, I like to drop it into a foil pan and cover it. That helps keep the integrity of the bark I am creating on the outside of the brisket.

I leave the Smoke Vault at 220 degrees and switch the Pellet Grill from the high smoke setting to 220 degrees as well. I continue to bake the brisket in the covered tray until it reaches an internal temperature of 175 degrees. I then take the brisket out of the foil tray and place it directly back onto the rack. I add a few wood chips back to the chip tray in the Smoke Vault and then turn it and the Pellet Grill up to 400 degrees to crisp the bark and take the brisket to 185 degrees internal temperature.

          Smoked Brisket in the Smoke Vault                           Smoked Brisket in the Pellet Grill and Smoker

I shut off the smokers and then place the briskets into foil trays and then cover them. I let them sit covered for about 10-15 minutes. Then they are taken out, sliced cross grain into about ¼ inch thick slices and served. The leftover pieces, if any, are sealed up for later use.

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