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How to Cook for a Herd

How to Cook for a Herd

I have been on the search for a GIANT pan! 

Ya know the pan you need when you go camping with a herd, or the one you need when you have your entire family over for a cookout, or even the one you need when you want to cook a good meal without dirtying every dish in the house!

---image 1---

The LUMBERJACK skillet!!!  In my excitement to try this out we had breakfast for dinner!  This pan holds everything at once!  I cooked eggs and pancakes at the SAME  time in the SAME pan!!!  I also used a flame tamer to ensure the heat spread evenly under the pan! The other great part is that the handle is SUPER long. I used the 16 inch skillet and it has a 14 inch handle! 

I know for my family one of the perks of dutch oven cooking is the clean up! After all~ most people like to eat way more than they like to clean up!  The skillet was no different, than a dutch oven!  We just wiped it out, and it was as clean as a whistle!!

However no brinner (breakfast/dinner) is complete without BACON!

BAKIN’ BACON is the best way to have it! I like to put the bacon on a tray in my outdoor oven and cook it for roughly 20 minutes! The bacon comes out nice and juicy!

See doesnt that look TASTY!

Overall this brinner was excellent!  I am sure that I would be able to cook a lot of food for a lot of people in no time at all!

 ~ I also thought of this idea ~

I have a two burner stove…. So I could use one burner for the lumberjack skillet to cook eggs and the other burner for a Barbecue box to cook steaks!

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