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Hello from Ashli!!

Hello from Ashli!!

Hey everyone!  Its Ashli here at Camp Chef!  Just thought I would tell you about some of the products that I have been trying out! 

I have loved being outside since I was a child!  I love to camp, hunt and ride motorcycles!  My husband and I love to sit outside on any given summer night and barbecue!  We have the Explorer 2 burner stove and have been using it for years.  There are many great things about this stove, for example the removable legs and all the great accessories.  My favorite thing is the Barbecue box!  It will hold 4 steaks very easily and always cooks even.  As for the removable legs… it sure makes it easy to take apart and throw in the back of the car and head to the lake or on a weekend camping trip.


We bought a home a few years ago and it doesn’t have any type of air conditioning! That’s the reason we like to BBQ so much!  Hot days and running a stove inside can make for some pretty toasty inside conditions.  Well the perfect thing just entered my life!  The outdoor camp oven!  Check it out! It has two burners on top; it hooks to my propane tank and cooks great!  I just got it and so far I am in love!  I have literally used it almost every night since I got it a week ago!!

We have friends over all the time and talk about the next ride we will take or place we will camp, and I can’t tell you how many more entertaining food options the outdoor oven has given me.  One of the best part is I can cook a daily meal outside, enjoy the fresh air and my house stays nice and cool!  So far I have made baked potatoes, biscuits and gravy, and cookies!  This Sundays challenge is a roast!  I can’t wait to see how it turns out!  What do you all think I should try to bake?  Let me know, I will try it and report back!

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