Guy Perkins Tries Out the New Aluminum Griddle

By on May 22, 2011

Griddles or pans with non stick coatings just are not something I’m used to using. I tend to spend my time with heavier metals (cast iron anyone?). However, the newMountain Series aluminum griddle (Model# MSG20) quickly worked it’s place into my grub box. The clean up was so slick and easy it was almost pathetic. Everything wiped off so quickly and easily that I was able to get my nap in for the day.

I was a bit worried that the heat would take over the griddle too quickly with heat transfer. Following the instructions to bring the heat on slowly and cook on medium or low worked great on both the Blind Stoves and the NEW Mountain Series Everest (Model# MS2HP).

2 thoughts on “Guy Perkins Tries Out the New Aluminum Griddle”

  1. I have a Camp Chef 16 x 24 griddle. it appears to be one sided. The top side is divided with a flat surface on one half and bacon ridges on the other half. ther is also a grease catcher.

    the bottom side has a reinforcement grid with Camp Cheff in the middle box.

    Quesions is it cast iron or aluminum and how do I season it and care for it

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