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Gettin' It Outdoors: Episode 1 - Cooking Trout

Gettin' It Outdoors: Episode 1 - Cooking Trout

Gettin’ It Outdoors’ is an outdoor show that focuses on the outdoors and cooking (and is really just a chance for us to have some fun). Join Matt and Matt, brothers from another mother, separated by marriage and about ten years, as they venture into the outdoors on new adventures and test new recipes in the kitchen.

Gettin’ It Outdoors Episode 1 – Cooking Trout. On the inaugural episode of ‘Gettin’ It Outdoors’ Matt and Matt, find themselves at a “high mountain lake” in Northern Utah in an effort to catch some trout. The Matts have a new recipe for cooking trout that they’re anxious to try out. Join us for the first episode of the new Camp Chef series ‘Getting’ It Outdoors'.

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