Franks Great Outdoors

By on May 3, 2012

Just barely south west of Saginaw Bay in Linwood Michigan is another landmark of the great heritage of the Michigan outdoorsman/person. Franks is a full service sporting goods outlet that began as a bait stand along side of the road.

The third generation of this family run business is up and coming to take them into many more years of serving sportsmen. If there are fish around (and there are) Frank’s staff can help you find and catch them. (wrap your mind around this western perch fisherman-two pound perch, really)

Our demonstration today was two fold: To train the employees and to also show the public how the Camp Chef product could enhance their outdoor experiences. Brawts and peppers cooked on the Explorer stove were on the menu today at the store. Franks is another one of those independent sporting goods dealers who is in touch with the needs of the regional and local sportsmen. If your driving western Michigan make sure to swing into Frank’s you will be glad you did.

It was a bit blustery but perfect for cooking outdoors and showing what the power of Camp Chef was about in the elements. Michigan knows brawts and dispersed them to many a chilly hands including mine. I’m a fan!