Fourth of July Survival Guide

By on July 3, 2012

A National Holiday is upon us. Traditions and memories stir up deep emotions of Patriotism while we come together in our communities to celebrate the birth of our great Nation! Flags are flying high and proud, banners waving, parades a plenty gearing up, and fireworks are being loaded into canons.

Traditions abound this time of year, Fourth of July breakfasts, pool parties, and barbecues to name a few. All day festivities are easy to find and a great way to make it a memorable day. Everybody’s Fourth of July plans vary. Whether you hang out in your “spot” all day or get there just before sundown to watch fireworks, here are a few things to consider throughout the day.

Sun Protection

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A nice hat
  • Stay hydrated

Fun Games to pass the time

  • Deck of cards
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Frisbee
  • Play catch with a baseball and gloves.
  • Bocce

Grilling Stuff

  • A Somerset IV with a Barbecue Grill Box (BB90L) and Flat Top Griddle (SG90)
  • Fuel, matches/lighter
  • Food menu plan for your group
  • Plenty o’ beverages
  • Condiments, plates, napkins, etc.

Firework Show Items

  • Blankets
  • Chairs
  • Bug Spray
  • Snacks
  • Plenty of Extra Water

Check the Weather

Temperatures can range from the 100′s to the 60′s and summer thunderstorms can pop up almost out of nowhere. A sweatshirt or jacket will keep you warm if it gets chilly after the sun goes down.

Lighting Fireworks

When lighting your own fireworks always remember to be safe. A simple little spark can spread very quickly and get out of control. No matter where you are, always use extra caution and common sense when lighting fireworks.


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