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Fishing Through the Ice IV

Fishing Through the Ice IV

I’ve tried to minimize and simplify getting into ice fishing. You can get as over the top as you would like. There are a couple other items that will help you complete the simplicity and then we will discuss some of the over the top items.

Ice ladles are not very expensive and a must have for keeping the ice hole clear.

I have recently found this small ice rod holder that doesn’t take up much room and allows me to better manage my rod. It is small enough that I can pick it and the pole up (with the bite) and let it drop off the rod grip when I play the fish. The Y shaped one I also use by making a little mound of ice from the ice hole and sticking it in there to support the rod.


Trout, Blue Gill, Bass, Crappie, and Yellow Perch I have taken with these set ups and lures you have seen in the blog. If I’m going to water where fish are caught over five pounds and require deeper fishing and larger lures I’ll use heavier line and a stiffer Rod. The bait will change also in this case but for the five species previously mentioned earth worms, maggots and wax worms fill the bill for bait. Your sporting good outlet and many convenience stores stock this bait. I have had all these fish take Power Bait as well.

One body of water in Idaho insisted on Velveta Cheese. Make sure you check the regulations for legal bait, limits, size and species of what can be taken from the water you fish.


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