Father’s Day Gift Ideas

By on June 11, 2013

By: Tom B.

It seems to me that buying gifts for Father’s Day tends to be the most difficult. And rather than it getting easier over time it seems to only get harder to find even one gift. So, for those like me who don’t really have a clue what to get Dad this Father’s Day, I submit to you five Camp Chef products that could appease Dad.

First has to be our brand new Pellet Grill & Smoker. Typically the newest product gets the most envy but have you checked this thing out? It has all the bells and whistles to floor any backyard Master Chef. Oh, you want to smoke a turkey? Done. Now you want to smoke some ribs. Well grab a rib rack, stick the included (yep, you read that right) meat probe and watch the internal temperature. For those techy backyard cooks, this is the best way to go.



My second pick would have to be the Pro 90 stove. One burner stove? Psh. Two burner? Ya kidding me? Now a three burner with side shelves, 30,000 BTU’s of heat per burner…now you’re talking my language. For the Dad that not only cooks but can throw down the meal to feed the local army unit, or Scout troop (is there really a difference?), this is for him. Throw down any one of the 16” cooking system accessories and now your Dad just went from the guy that knows how to cook to THE Camp Chef.


Cooking with propane or wood pellets is great and all, but sometimes it’s just down right impractical to pack something that large. So, what to cook in? Well, there are few things in the world that cook as evenly, are as durable, and just down right manly as the Camp Chef Big Griz’ 16” Dutch Oven. Get a fire going and start cooking. Worried about clean-up? You shouldn’t be. Once you’re done cooking and the crew has cleaned all the food out of the Dutch oven, put some water in there, let it sit for a short bit, use a stiff bristled brush to get all the food bits out. Then get a dab of Cast Iron Conditioner, wipe down the inside with it and BAM, you’re done.


In the Digital Age one of the worst sounds you can hear is the sound of your phone or device dying. You may be rockin’ out to some sweet tunes, you hear that sound, and your heart just drops. Well, to help keep your Old Man rockin’ out, even in the middle of nowhereville, the Summit Solar Lantern is the only option. You can charge this bad boy using the 1,360 watts of energy per square meter the sun delivers to the earth, in your car, or from the wall. Once charged, light the night or charge that device that is on its last breath using the built in USB port. No matter what you do with the Summit Solar Lantern, it’s awesome.


The fifth and final item is more a group of items. For the Pops that already has a Camp Chef stove, you can choose from 20+ accessories he can throw down on that stove. If he is a pizza connoisseur, the Italia Artisan Pizza Ovens can satisfy that need. Say he likes cooking pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and bacon all on the same surface. Well, the Professional Flat Top Griddle has 448 sq. in. of cooking surface, so, he’s covered there. Or if Padre wants to cook up breakfast on the griddle but wants to grill steaks for lunch, he can whip it all up on the Reversible Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill & Griddle. Basically, the Old Sage can have everything he needs/wants to cook the most awesome meal possible with the Camp Chef Stoves and Accessories.


Now the trick is to get Pappy to use any one of these awesome items to cook for you. Well, good luck and Happy Father’s Day!

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  1. We purchased and love our Pro90 3 burner range. We are just wondering how to use the foot stabilizer bar that came with the system as the feet curve at the end and won’t fit into slots of the stabilizer. Are we doing something wrong or is there another part we are missing.. Thank you.

    • 1 Happy Cooker,
      The foot stabilizer bar is set up to be placed on the end with the straight feet. Hope that helps and if you have any further questions, feel free to call our customer support team at 1-800-650-2433.

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