Extreme Cooking

By on January 25, 2013

I don’t even know what Extreme Cooking means. Just thought I’d toss it out there, because everything seems to be EXTREME now days. It was time to give a fairly new product a whirl. A home oven helps cookware perform. But what if your only heat source was bottom heat? And what if Mother Nature took a good poke at you? The Camp Chef 13 inch Square Dutch Oven (I can’t find anywhere that says a Dutch Oven has to be round) was about to get a real test.

No cooking material grabs, holds and distributes heat like cast iron. The chickens went in cold. The bottom of the oven was hot enough to make a sizzle for a light browning of the breasts. The lid went on cold and the heat of the 30,000 btu burner was set between low and medium. The outside temperature was just over 6 degrees Fahrenheit. There was no breeze. One hour later the two birds were at 165 degrees in the breasts. The thighs were 170 and change. After slightly browning the breast, I cooked them on their backs. Juicy and perfect they were. I may have knocked 15 minutes off the cook time had I used the Dutch Oven Dome to take a swat at Ma Nature. I’ll use it this weekend when I’m testing out the new…..the new….sorry can’t tell you yet.

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