Explorer’s Rugged Portable Design Receives Award for a Reason

By on March 17, 2014

HYDE PARK, Utah – When it comes time to gear up for this year’s camping trip, don’t forget to take a look at what the experts suggest. The Camp Chef Explorer stove was given the 2014 Editors’ Choice Award by Fish Alaska Magazine.

The Explorer is one of Camp Chef’s most popular stoves because of its rugged design and portability. It has two propane burners that put out 30,000 BTUs per burner. To help put that into perspective, the average stove top range at home will produce only 10,000 BTUs per burner, making these camp stoves three times as powerful. To go with that power, the Explorer stove has more than 400 square inches of cooking area and is designed as to fit all 14” Camp Chef accessories, making it extremely versatile.

No wonder it was given the editor’s choice award.

Explorer two-burner stove:

  • Three sided windscreen
  • Fully adjustable heat-control dials
  • Removable/Adjustable legs
  • Durable, rugged design
  • Regulator and 3ft hose for bulk propane tank
  • Out of the box ready to cook in seconds
  • Emergency preparedness recommended


3 thoughts on “Explorer’s Rugged Portable Design Receives Award for a Reason”

  1. we have a three burner one and it is just the best purchase we have ever made,love it, love everything about Camp Chef Products.

  2. I will agree with that i purchased one two years ago and are camping trips were so much better, it is the best purchase i've made in a long time. my brother also purchased one after seeing mine so you can imagine how much cooking we can do at are camp site, i would recommend it to everyone.

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