Everything’s Just “Peachy”

By on August 8, 2012

400 pounds of peaches + 5 dedicated canning family members + 9 hours on a Saturday = 152 quarts of homemade delicious canned peaches!

That’s exactly what took place one day last fall with my family. We used some Camp Chef products that year, for the first time for canning, and they all worked GREAT for this big job! We began this day of “fun” at 7 AM by setting up our production area, so that everything would move smoothly and we could get through all these peaches before dark.

Here is a list of the Camp Chef items, along with the other items we used to make this job run smoothly:

(1) Big Gas Grill stove (SPG90B)
(1) Somerset III stove (CCH3)
(1) Aluminum 24 quart pot with basket (DP24)
(1) Aluminum 32 quart pot (DP32)
(3) Water bath Canner’s (which Camp Chef now has some aluminum canner’s we will be purchasing this year for canning:)
(1) Camp Chef Table (CT32LW)
(2) Folding tables
(1) Patio table with benches
(3) Large metal bowls
(3) Cookie sheets
(4) Five gallon buckets
(4) Peering knives
(1) Jar lifter
(152) Canning quart jars with ½ cup sugar in them
(152) Lids/Bands
(1) Lid lifter
(1) Clean washcloth for wiping the jar rim
The set-up we had were two canning pots on the Big Gas Grill with a small pot in the middle to boil lids. On the Somerset we had one canning pot, the 24 quart pot was in the middle for blanching the peaches, and the 32 quart pot was for boiling water to put in the bottles after we sliced the peaches into them.

Once we were set up, we were ready to go. It took us a bit to get into a groove, but once we did, there wasn’t any stopping us now, until all the peaches were processed and sealed. We were a boilin’, peelin’, slicin’ son of a guns, that’s for sure!

We blanched the peaches for about 20-30 seconds, and then dumped them into ice water in one of the 5 gallon buckets. We then removed the skins and pitted the peaches onto one of the cookie sheets, and placed them in one of the large metal bowls filled with clean water and a little Fruit Fresh. The two folding tables were set up as a “T” with the jars on the top table, and one person on each side cutting the pealed peaches into the bottles. Once full with sliced peaches, we added hot water to dissolve the sugar, wiped the jar rim, place a lid on top with a band, then placed in the water bath. The camp table was used for odds and ends, like the glass pitchers for dipping water out of the pots and the clean wash cloth to wipe the jar rims off.

My brother-in-law has a Smoke Vault (SMV18S), so he brought it and made us all lunch. He made some delicious smoked pork chops, which he had brined earlier that morning. (Sorry there isn’t a picture of that, we were all too busy since we were short one person while he fixed lunch). I think using the smoke vault will be an annual event while canning. It turned out great! That was just what we needed to rejuvenate us all! Once we were all re-energized, we were back to business. We had a system down and everything was running smoothly!

We finished a little after 4 PM and our final results were 152 quarts of beautiful, canned peaches! To see the end result was a GREAT feeling of accomplishment! What a great day for canning!!

Rosie from Wisconsin