Emergency Kits

By on June 5, 2012

If you’re reading this than you probably agree with us when we say that Camp Chef stoves are awesome. You can do all kinds of amazing things with them. You can add a grill box and create an awesome BBQ grill. Add a griddle and you have a restaurant style flat top. You can boil and steam with them, canning is a breeze. There really isn’t anything they can’t do. They are the base of the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

One key feature of any of the Camp Chef stoves that sometimes goes overlooked is their usefulness during emergency situations. When the power goes out they’re ready to handle all of your cooking duties. From boiling water to make it safe for drinking to cooking your meals, your Camp Chef stove will be ready to pitch in a helping hand.

Here’s the sporting chef himself discussing the usefulness of a Camp Chef stove during an emergency.