Easy Peasy Panini

My son is in Kindergarten and the latest catch phrase is “Easy peasy lemon squeezy macaroni cheesy”. Let me tell you that one sticks in the old noggin. While not every recipe I do with cast iron is EPLSMC, this one really is! It would even impress the foodie in your life.

For Mother’s Day, I wanted something easy and tasty, so I chose paninis (dinner was mushroom/goat cheese…mmmm). At the last minute, and I mean buttered bread last minute, my hubby discovered that we had no panini press! I had just the solution…the grill pan. Now, I hope that you are not sick of this pan yet, I have just found so many uses for it!
I heated my grill pan and a regular 10 inch cast iron skillet on 2 separate burners on medium high heat (yes, higher than you would do a normal grilled sandwich). After a few minutes, the cast iron was smoking hot. Really. Just starting to smoke. I placed the first sandwich on the grill pan. Then I took my other hot cast iron skillet and placed it on top, pressing down just a bit (don’t forget your hot pads!). No need to flip. Both pans are hot enough to get the job done.
Problem solved. Panini consumed. Done.
(**as a side note, you may want to make sure the bottom of your pan is wiped clean and maybe apply a light coat of Camp Chef Cast Iron Conditoner just prior to placing on top of panini)


  • Sliced strawberries
  • Nutella
  • Sliced bread (I like crusty bread like french bread. Any kind will do!)
  • Butter


  1. Preheat 2 cast iron skillets (I used one regular and one grill pan) on medium high heat on two separate burners.
  2. Apply your desired thickness of Nutella on a slice of bread and cover with strawberries.
  3. Place another slice on top and butter both outsides.
  4. Place in hot griddle pan and top with hot regular skillet, pressing down.
  5. Let cook 2-3 minutes or until bread is browned to desired hue. Let cool slightly and eat.

    This is my desired layer of Nutella. I should have put more.

    Here is my “poor man’s panini press”



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