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Early Morning Pancake Feed

Early Morning Pancake Feed

Recently Outdoor Chef Kurt was asked by the local 4H  to cook an early morning pancake feed for the competitors of a 5 event sportsmans pentathlon, fundraiser put on at a local private ranch. I was up at 4;30 am , to make the pancake mix and had to have food ready at 6;30 am ,which was just starting to get light . My pro90 3 burner stovewith a 3 burner griddle was hot and ready for some multi grain griddle cakes,and mysingle burner 30,000 btu cooker with my 16 inch Lumberjack skillet was filled with simmering link sausages. The events include ,a gps /orinteering course, a skeet shoot , a live bird hunt, a 3D bow and arrow shoot, and a fly fishing derby. The top scores from 3 events , makes for the final score. The day was a mixed bag of weather from sun, to sleet, to snow, and wind but all of the events went well. A banquet was held at Aspen Lakes lodge, and was followed by a live auction and a silent auction . with the winners of the event taking home a new Fishcraft lake boat.

Outdoor Chef Kurt

“From the Field to the Grill”


Todd (not verified) on Oct 28, 2013 9:59 am

Received my SG-60 Professional Griddle last week - just in time to cook enough hot dogs to feed 100 hungry high school marching band kids at a tailgate party over the weekend. Worked great and received a lot of comments on the system! Was able to clean most of the gunk off the grill with warm water and paper towels, but noticed that the seasoning needed refreshing on the surface of the griddle where I cooked the meat (at medium low - medium temperature). Any tips on how to reseason my griddle? Thanks!

Camp Chef Admin (not verified) on Dec 4, 2013 3:58 pm


Glad to hear the SG60 performed so well for you. If you visit our Learning Center, we have some great tips about griddle care/maintenance as well as how to reseason. Here is the link for you: http://www.campchef.com/learning-center.html#griddlecare

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