Dinner and a Movie with Camp Chef

By on July 1, 2013

Looking for a great way to spend a memorable evening with the family this summer? How about treating them to dinner and a movie! With Outdoor Entertainment Gear Outdoor Big Screens by Camp Chef, you can take your family fun outside.

Last weekend, while camping by the lake, we cooked up a delicious dinner and busted out our Outdoor Big Screen 144 to watch one of our favorite movies on. We started the movie for the kids while we cooked Baked Tomato-Cilanto Chicken in a 14″ Dutch Oven over our three-burner Camp Chef Big Gas Grill. It was a new recipe that we tried out and it was fantastic. You can see the full recipe here. The Big Gas Grill was so nice because we were able to cook everything on it from sauteing veggies on our griddle, grilling chicken, and even doing the actual Dutch oven cooking. No messing charcoal to deal with.

We ate great and the kids had a blast being outside together. Summer weekends are full of fun opportunity and we love to take advantage of them every chance we get. You should too. Give it a try sometime, either camping if you’ve got power to run a projector or just stay home with the family and spend some quality time you’ll always remember.