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Diced Green Chilies

Diced Green Chilies

Here is a bit of a diversion from cast iron, although there are ways to do this with cast iron. I ended up somehow with a mini mountain of Anaheim peppers. Typically my family abhors anything with the word “pepper” in it, but we will eat the canned diced green chilies. I researched this and I am pretty sure that these are the peppers in the grocery store variety said chilies. If I am wrong, I still think they work great!

I took each pepper and after washing it, placed it directly on my camp chef stove over high heat. (You could also use a grill, hot hot cast iron, or a gas burner). Turn each chili often to get it good and black. This the time time when”burnt” is good! As soon as you get a good char, place in a large paper sack and close it up. You want these to steam. It helps the skin come off. (You could also use a bowl with a tight fitting lid).
Let the peppers sit for about 30 minutes, then peel. I used gloves. Can’t tell you how many times I get that certain itch on the end of my nose when cutting peppers. It always turns out bad. Use gloves, really. please. You may also want to do a better job seeding them. If you are sensitive to heat, this will produce a milder finished product.
Then chop the peppers and place in bags. I used 4 oz quantities just like the jar and then froze them. Then I can pop them out and use them in chicken enchiladas. Or southwestern burgers….mmmm.
One of my favorite things about this recipe is that I know exactly when I am getting when I open up a bag for a recipe. No preservatives. Just your blood, sweat and tears. Oh, you forgot gloves, too?

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