Country Style Pork Ribs

By on February 17, 2012

Smoked food is one of our favorite things here at Camp Chef. There is just something about that rich smoke flavor that makes our mouths water. The best part about smoking food is it really easy to do with the right equipment.

Today we tried smoking the famous country style pork ribs. We started the process out with seasoning the ribs with some Garlic & Pepper Seasoning Salt, and letting that sit overnight in the refrigerator. When we got here the next morning we pulled out the 24 inch smoke vault as well as 2 jerky racks to cook on. Also we had alder chips and mesquite chunks soaking in water for about an hour.

Starting up the smoke vault was an easy task, due to the matchless ignitor that comes installed. With a turn and a click we were up and running. After the chips were done soaking we removed the chips and placed them in the chip tray. The water that we used to soak the chips was put in the stainless steel water tray. (We used the water tray to help keep the ribs moist through the cooking process.)

After the smoke vault had a nice smoke coming from it, we placed the seasoned meat on the jerky racks.

(Tip: Spray your racks before hand with cooking spray
for an easy clean up.)

Turning the smoker to medium on the control knob helped us reach our desired temperature of 250 degrees F. Every 30 minutes we turned the ribs and basted with our favorite BBQ sauce with every turn. For our liking we combined a spicy sauce with a more mild sauce to give it a little kick. However you can use whatever BBQ sauce that you enjoy.

After about 3 hours our ribs were done. We cooked them to a desired 145 degrees F. This left them cooked in the middle with nice ring of pink due to the smoking process.

Overall the meat turned out great! It was flavorful and moist. Another great success with the Camp Chef Smoke Vault!