Cook Just About Anything Anywhere with the Rainier Camper’s Combo

By on April 15, 2013


April 15, 2013

Cook just about anything anywhere with the Rainier Camper’s Combo

HYDE PARK, Utah – Cooking a hot meal in the backcountry or at the worksite is easy using the Rainier Camper Combo with a stove, grill and griddle by Camp Chef. This cookery combination might sound big and heavy, however it’s just the opposite and still offers the power necessary to cook anything from pancakes to burgers to hot chili.

The Rainier Camper Combo includes a non-stick aluminum grill and griddle adding versatility without packing any extra equipment. The heat for the grill or griddle is provided by the 8,000 BTU tube burner, accompanied by another 10,000 BTU burner for the stove. A removable stainless steel drip tray catches grease making a simple cleaning process.

A matchless ignition makes for an easy light especially with the three sided foldable wind screen that protects the flame and food from the outdoor elements.

Included with the Rainier Camper Combo is a durable carry bag specifically designed to store and transport the grill, griddle, stove and two one-pound propane cylinders.

Versatility sets Camp Chef apart from the rest of the industry. From stoves, outdoor ovens, smokers, fire pits, and a full range of cast iron products – Camp Chef continues to be the leading innovator in outdoor cooking.


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  1. Do you have anymore of 59.95 rainier single burner with griddle left i think there the factory blemished one's thank you

    • Felicia,

      We do. If you call our Customer Support at 800-650-2433 they can assist you in getting a replacement griddle.

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