Compact and Portable Camp Kitchens

By on August 6, 2013

A few words that first come to mind when thinking about describing Camp Chef are portability, versatility, power, and of course… good food. What that means is that just about where ever you go, what ever the size of group you’re cooking for – Camp Chef has the equipment needed to cook great food in that situation.

There’s no need to sacrifice a good hearty meal when you’re out having fun. An outdoor camp kitchen is a great way to comfortably and conveniently cook for your family or group when away from home.

Check out this video to see just how portable and versatile your outdoor camp kitchen can be! You can fully customize your outdoor camp kitchen to simplify the cooking process, enabling you to enjoy a full range of meals and menu items. You’ll soon see that Camp Chef is The Way To Cook Outdoors.


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2 thoughts on “Compact and Portable Camp Kitchens”

  1. Just bought model TB90LG13 and need to buy a PC42 patio and the side shelves LS90. I bought it at Costco in Québec City, in the province of Québec, in Canada.

    Awaiting your response.

    • Fantastic! Congratulations on your purchase! We do offer International Checkout on upon checkout. You can also check with some of our dealers in Canada who do ship within Canada:

      Cabela’s Canada
      Wholesale Sports
      Federated Coop
      Princess Auto

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