• Camp Chef's Annual IDOS DOG

    By: Admin Jun 4, 2012

    Camp Chef has a long running relationship with IDOS, the International Dutch Oven Society. Each summer, Camp Chef hosts a Dutch Oven Gathering, or DOG, for any and all members of that society to come together and enjoy tasty food, great friends, and good times.

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  • Gettin’ It Outdoors’ is an outdoor show that focuses on the outdoors and cooking (and is really just a chance for us to have some fun). Join Matt and Matt, brothers from another mother, separated by marriage and about ten years, as they venture into the outdoors on new adventures and test new recipes in the kitchen.

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  • Bob's in Longview, WA

    By: Admin May 28, 2012

    Bob’s was very different when Bob Sr. opened his doors to Bob’s Surplus in 1947.

    In 1947 Bob Schlecht Sr. “hitched” his way from Minot, ND to Longview, WA, by way of railcar roof-tops. He and his wife Lila, opened the original war surplus store in a small tent. Selling items such as Army Cots for $2.50, Canteens for 25 cents, and Wool Socks for 50 cents. The local women kept him s

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  • Bowfishing: Who Does This?

    By: Admin May 25, 2012

    Well, more and more folks everyday and from all walks of life. “Why”, is usually the next question? Well cause it is broke and needs fixin’.

    Carp was a good idea gone badly when our ancestors introduced this bony bottom feeding fish into the native fish habitats. The idea was a food source. The overtaking the waterways was not much of a concern or thought I’d imagine.

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  • Pumping Iron

    By: Admin May 24, 2012

    I went to go and donate blood yesterday. I love it and am able to do it a few times a year. Yesterday was a bit different because the phlebotomist told me what all my levels were. Maybe they always do this and I just blow it off, but yesterday I listened. She told me that my iron was 13.1. I asked her what normal was and she said for women it is around 12.1-15.0. Interesting. This led me to thi

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  • Family Farm and Home

    By: Admin May 16, 2012

    Family Farm &  Home stores are located through out central and lower Michigan with 20 locations. These stores are just what the name implies.

    Recently our Camp Chef Representative completed store trainings. We pride ourselves at Camp Chef in that we are cooking experts and in that light, are eager to learn from our customers. During the training one of the Family Farm and Home em

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