Cast Iron Clean Up – Scott Leysath

By on April 17, 2012

We wish we could say that this has never happened to us, but unfortunately it has. We too are the occasional cast iron abusers. Just because we love cooking in cast iron cook and bake-ware doesn’t mean we always treat it like we should. Whether it’s not cleaning up a skillet right after dinner or allowing your dutch ovens to get rusty over the winter, the magic of cast iron is that you can always bring it back to life.

In the video below professional chef Scott Leysath takes us through a couple of sets on how to get your cast iron back to life. And if your cast iron is really rusty?… one word… coke. Poor it in, let it sit a bit, do a little light scrubbing and let it work its magic. Just be sure to rinse well and condition it with Camp Chef cast iron conditioner when you’re done.