Candy Sushi





By: Megan J

To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day I wanted to make a fun, green treat to share with my family!  I was craving marshmallow Rice Krispy treats, but the thought of dying them green didn’t sound appetizing.  So I decided to make Rice Krispy treats out of my favorite cereal…Lucky Charms.  This cereal was the perfect solution.  The charms in the cereal were perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day, plus they tasted better than regular Rice Krispy treats.  Therefore, it was a definite win-win, and I will be making these every year for Saint Patrick’s Day!


  • 5 Tablespoons Butter
  • 1 Bag Miniature Marshmallows
  • 6 Cups Lucky Charms Cereal
  • 8 Fruit Roll-ups
  • Candy of Your Choice

Directions for Lucky Charms Marshmallow Treats:

  • In a large saucepan melt the butter over low heat.
  • Add the entire bag of miniature marshmallows to the butter, and stir until completely melted.

  • Once the marshmallows have melted, remove from heat, and stir in the Lucky Charms cereal.

  • Using a buttered spatula press evenly into a greased 9X13 pan.
  • Cool completely, and cut into squares.

If you are just looking for a fun Saint Patrick’s Day treat these Lucky Charm marshmallow treats are perfect.  I however, decided to make these treats a little more interesting by making them into sushi!  Yes I said it sushi!  These sushi candy rolls were absolutely delicious.  The best part was creating them.  There are so many different ways to make these rolls your own.  To make the perfect candy sushi roll I used theCamp Chef Sushezi maker.  This product performed flawlessly, producing a yummy, fun treat for all ages!

Directions for Candy Sushi:

  • Grease the Sushezi maker with pam or butter.
  • Take ½ cup of the Lucky Charm marshmallow mix, divide the mixture in half and place into each side of the Sushezi.

  • Using the plunger press down in the center of the mixture creating a trough.  Complete this step on both sides of the Sushezi.

  • Fill the trough with your favorite candies.  I used gummy worms, sour gummy worms, licorice, and sour tape.

  • With the plunger and lid in place, clamp the sides of the Sushezi together.
  • Begin twisting the plunger.  You may feel some resistance, but continue twisting until the line on the plunger is even with the sushezi maker.
  • Remove the lid from the Sushezi, and slowly press down the plunger.
  • Your creation will come out in the perfect roll.

  • Unroll 2 fruit roll-ups leaving the plastic on.

  • Place the marshmallow roll on top of the fruit roll-up edge.  Begin rolling the fruit roll-up around the marshmallow roll until the marshmallow roll is completely covered with fruit roll-up.

  • With a buttered knife cut the marshmallow roll into 1” pieces.

  • This recipe makes 5-6 rolls!

The best thing about making these sushi rolls is that everyone can individualize their own.  You can add your favorite candy, chocolate, frosting, or whip cream.  Let your imagination be your guide!   The Sushezi is so simple to use that the kids will have a blast making their own individualized sushi rolls.

Other dessert ideas that I want to try in the Sushezi:

  • Perfect round sugar cookies rolled in sprinkles
  • Rice Krispy treats filled with your favorite candy
  • Oreo cake pops drizzled with white chocolate
  • Brownies with cream cheese frosting in the center
  • Oreo marshmallow treats with whip cream in the center
  • Ice cream filled with and rolled in your favorite toppings

What other fun dessert ideas have you tried in the Sushezi?


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