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By on July 18, 2012

I am a big fan of Camp Chef. I’ve used their stoves for years and each year I look forward to seeing what new ideas they have come up with. I own a lot of their products and would consider myself a “Camp Chef Junkie”.

On a recent camping trip near the Green river in Wyoming I took along my arsenal of Camp Chef to help with the cooking.

I was trying out two new purchases for the first time on this trip and I have to say I was not disappointed. I recently purchased the Sherpa Table and Rainier Camper’s Combo.

I have to say the Sherpa Table is awesome!!! With all of its storage space I packed food, cooking supplies, paper plates and towels, and it held everything. The nice thing about this table is that the table top comes off and the legs fold in for compact storage. With the table top on it makes a nice cooking area for the portable camp stoves.

My second new purchase was the Rainier camp stove. This portable stove was great and with its features I was able to do all types of cooking. This stove comes with one burner, and then an interchangeable grill and a griddle. With the grill I cooked hot dogs and hamburgers and used the side burner to do a potato dish. With the non stick griddle I cooked pancakes for breakfast and used the side burner for coffee and hot water. I was not cooking for a large group so I did not need all of the grill space, but this would easily hold 6 hamburgers. I was cooking in the wind and the fold up lid and side wind guards did a good job of holding in the heat. I was really impressed with this stove.

Last year I had purchased the portable fire ring. I found it was a lot easier to bring a propane tank than to try to find or purchase wood everywhere I camped. After I arrived at my camping spot, I was thankful I had brought this propane fire pit. As it turns out there had just been a “no camp fire” ban issued. Since the ban did not apply to propane appliances I was still able to enjoy my fire ring. It’s a large diameter and with the lava rocks it looks like a real camp fire. I also enjoy not having smoke in my eyes! Since this has “flames” like a real fire I still cooked marshmallows and made smores, the best thing to do with a fire pit.

Thanks Camp Chef for all of your great products. I can’t wait to see what you are going to offer next year!

Mavis J.


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  1. Great reviews! We are planning on going on a camp trip to the Green River (a favorite of my Husband’s, but I’ve never been there).
    My question; did you have any trouble with anyone who thought you had a REAL (wood) campfire? Did anyone come over and accuse you of not complying with the wood-fire ban, etc?
    Oh- also- how long do you think the 5 gallon propane tank lasted?

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