Camp Chef’s Pellet Grill takes outdoor cooking to the next level

By on May 14, 2013


May 14, 2013

Camp Chef’s Pellet Grill takes outdoor cooking to the next level

HYDE PARK, Utah – With the recent introduction of the new Camp Chef Pellet Grill, just about anybody can enjoy the mouth-watering taste of slow cooked meats. The Pellet Grill has been designed with the backyard user in mind giving them the opportunity to take their outdoor cooking to the next level.

Built with innovative digital control features, the pellet grill includes an electronic auto start and auto shut-off settings and an automatic pellet auger. Add that to the large 18 pound capacity hopper and this thing is simply worry-free, leaving the user with less-fuss and more time to socialize at the neighborhood barbecue.

The LED temperature readout gives specific, accurate readings using dual sensors to measure internal food temperatures and smoke chamber temperatures. Camp Chef’s heavy-duty construction increases thermal efficiency so the grill will hold its heat while cooking. These features help eliminate any temperature guessing and provide users with accurate results.

This Pellet Grill has been designed with an added side shelf to keep clean and organized for cooking and preparation. An added warming rack provides even more space when cooking. A trap door under the firebox makes for easy cleaning once finished so the grill can be ready to use for the next barbeque.

An included recipe booklet will simplify the learning curve for those who have never smoked meats before.

Versatility sets Camp Chef apart from the rest of the industry. From stoves, outdoor ovens, smokers, fire pits, and a full range of cast iron products – Camp Chef continues to be the leading innovator in outdoor cooking.


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