Camp Chef’s New Disposable Dutch Oven Liners Simplify Cooking

By on March 25, 2013


March 25, 2013

Cooking Dutch oven just got easier with Disposable Dutch Oven Liners

HYDE PARK, Utah – Dutch oven cooking and cleaning just got easier with the introduction of the new Disposable Dutch Oven Liners from Camp Chef. The liners are designed to simply fit inside a Dutch oven dividing the cast iron from the ingredients, which literally eliminates the cleaning process.

The durable liners will easily lift out of the Dutch oven creating no mess and can be utilized as a serving dish. This will leave the Dutch oven ready to use for the next family favorite recipe, speeding up the time between dinner and dessert. Disposable liners are a great way to save time and easily manage any hassle that can follow a delicious Dutch oven meal.

These pre-formed aluminum liners will work with both standard depth and deep Dutch ovens. Liners are available in 10 inch, 12, inch and 14 inch sizes to accommodate for most Camp Chef Classic Dutch Ovens. The disposable liners will be packaged in quantities of three.

Versatility sets Camp Chef apart from the rest of the industry. The ability to not only grill meat; but to boil, griddle, fry, or even cook a Dutch Oven on a single stove gives users more options. From stoves, outdoor ovens, smokers, fire pits, and a full range of cast iron products – Camp Chef continues to be the leading innovator in outdoor cooking.

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