Camp Chef Unveils Its New 14/16 Cooking System

By on January 15, 2013

Camp Chef is The Way to Cook Outdoors. Camp Chef stoves are versatile cooking systems that can be fully customized to allow for a wide range of cooking styles. Grill, griddle, boil, or fry – it can all be done on a Camp Chef.

Camp Chef stove accessories are interchangeable so that whether you’re hosting a barbecue, boiling corn on the cob, or both; cooking a flapjack breakfast or doing some home canning outside, one stove can be your solution to accomplish it all.

As Camp Chef continues to offer more and more options of tools and accessories to help widen your outdoor cooking menu, it can feel a little daunting to try and find which accessory is right for your stove.

Camp Chef has developed a new system to help people understand which accessories fit with each stove.

Understanding the New 14 / 16 Cooking System

When you purchase a Camp Chef stove, you’re not just getting a middle of the road average barbecue grill. You’re getting a stove that can do it all.

Because some cooking accessories are designed to work with certain stoves, Camp Chef is introducing a new, simple way to identify these accessories based on the stove you choose. The new Camp Chef Cooking System. Look for these new icons on our website, packaging in stores and in our catalog for a simple way to find the accessories that will fit your stove.

Your stove will either be 14″ from front to back, or 16″ from front to back. The NEW COLOR-CODING SYSTEM is an easy way to quickly find which accessories will work with certain stoves.

When you see this blue colored icon on a stove’s box, or in our catalog; look for a corresponding colored icon on Camp Chef Grill Box or Griddle and you’ll know it’s a match made in “Camp Chef Heaven.”

If you see this orange colored icon, match it up with the Camp Chef accessory that has the same icon and you’ll know that’s the one for you.

We’ve also put together an Accessory Guide to help you find key accessories for your Camp Chef cooker. Find Griddles and Grill Boxes, Patio Covers and Carry Bags with this guide. Understanding this Cooking System will simplify the way you find accessories that will work with whichever Camp Chef cooking product you own and help you get the most out of it.


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5 thoughts on “Camp Chef Unveils Its New 14/16 Cooking System”

  1. I would like to order the new camp chef red powered coated oven stove combination with the griddle, but do not see where you can buy it
    Pease let me know Also can you buy a grill to use either the grill or griddle

  2. I have a browning (Camp Chef) EX60b, and purchased the SG90 griddle. They do not fit together. I am very pleased with both products, and would like to continue using them. Can you tell me if there is a two burner option the SG90 does fit? Or which griddle will fit the EX60b?

    Thank you

  3. I am looking for the Product and Accessory Guide on your webiste. When I click on the link on this webpage, the link shows page not found. I like Camp Chef products a lot, but please keep your website up to date so I can easily research my next purchase.

  4. I have a 14″ system griddle that fits over 2 burners . However I was wondering if it can be used on the 16″ 3 burner stoves? If not, why?


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