Camp Chef & Horsemen – Guest Blog

By on May 7, 2012

We are avid ATV and back country horsemen enthusiasts. We own a three burner Pro 90 camp stove, Camp Chef fire ring, 15 dutch ovens, a dutch oven dome, and have just purchased a Barbecue Grill Box and a 16” x 24” deluxe double steel griddle.

Both my husband I enjoy cooking as well as cooking for a crowd and always take our Pro 90 stove with us. Our stove never goes into the back country due to its weight and size. However, it is always at every trailhead. We hold an annual DOG at our home every year in January and have introduced Camp Chef products to everyone attending. Outdoor recreationalists have been introduced to our hard anodized dutch ovens and are now using them on their float/camping/back packing trips.

We are members of the North Central Idaho Back Country Horsemen. In March our group had a weekend work party and although most of our members have pickup campers, they just use the smaller two burner camp stoves.

As you can see from these photos, one morning we cooked breakfast on a friend’s three burner Tahoe Camp Stove and used the griddle for both pancakes and bacon. Having a three burner stove still allows you room for coffee or making scrambled eggs, etc. The members of our group were in awe of what could be accomplished with our latest purchases.

That afternoon when we only needed to feed 8 of us, we used the BBQ grill box for hamburgers. They were so tasty and not dried out.

One evening for dinner I was trying to do spare ribs in our 12” deep dutch. However, the wind blew all day long. The wind blew out the coals and also the propane fire under the Tahoe cook stove. As you know all camper trailers have a very small oven and no dutch oven can be accommodated. To my amazement I found out that I could set my 12” dutch on my camper stove and used my dutch oven dome as an oven. If you have never used one of these before they can only be used on low heat and work the same way as coals. I now will be able to fix oven related dishes in our camper trailer using this device during bad weather.

** Note from Camp Chef ** We love to see people using our stoves as part of their recreation and everyday lives. We do recommend maintaining a safe distance, about 38 inches, from any structures, walls, railings, etc. As well as 10 feet from any stored flammable gas cylinder.