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Bread Pudding with Cherries on Top

Bread Pudding with Cherries on Top

It was 4th of July weekend 2010, we were camping with some friends, their family and friends – lots of people we had never met before. I was in charge of dessert one night and decided to make a dutch oven bread pudding. I had my charcoal all ready and part of the bread custard mixture in the dutch oven when I decided to make something special and added a layer of cherry pie filling and then the rest of the bread mixture. It was baking along great and it smelled fantastic but when I went to check it I found out the pie filling had created a kind of pocket in the center of the pudding and the bread had risen and was stuck to the inside of the lid. The top was a little burnt but it was soooo good that no one seemed to mind. The look on my face when I pried the lid off the dutch oven must have been a classic because everyone got a good laugh but it was one of my best memories of the weekend.


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