Bowfishing: Who Does This?

By on May 25, 2012

Well, more and more folks everyday and from all walks of life. “Why”, is usually the next question? Well cause it is broke and needs fixin’.

Carp was a good idea gone badly when our ancestors introduced this bony bottom feeding fish into the native fish habitats. The idea was a food source. The overtaking the waterways was not much of a concern or thought I’d imagine.

I’m not here to discuss the palatability or how to turn Carp into Halibut on a Camp Chef product. However with that said…..I’ve been around them enough now that I am considering eating one………..(can’t believe I put that in print). I’ll be picky about the water it comes from. While using the meat of this beast while fishing for catfish, I think I can just about make myself prepare the tenderloin or back strap portion above what they call the blood that runs along the rib cage. That meat does resemble Halibut in texture. I’ll let you know when I get there, photos and all, start to finish.

So how does Camp Chef figure into this effort at the moment? I guess you could consider it one of our “green things”. I have been shooting carp with a bow and arrow on and off on our local backwaters of the Bear River for 25 years. In the last 8 years I have spent more time on the “pond” using carp fishing to train and hone my son’s bow hunting abilities. The past four years I have been involved with the Utah Bowfishing Association whose goal is to clean up, balance, and restore the health of our Northern Utah waterways by removing some of these fish. At Cutler they hold a general clean up of junk from the waterway usually in March.

Is it making a difference? Yes, The Cutler Marsh which was a complete silted muddy mess now has bays that are clear water. I am observing less carp but they are larger which tells me things are changing. The Catfish and Bass populations seem to be coming on. The vegetation is returning to some of the bays that will benefit waterfowl and filter the water.

The Utah Bowfishing Association holds competitive tournaments, which focus on number removal.

Carpapoloozas are training events where members of the UBA get in and teach the public how to bowfish.

Two of those events are slated this year. One at Lincoln Beach on Utah Lake and the other at Benson Marina in Cache Valley June 2. This training is free to the public. At Cutler they hold a general clean up of junk from the waterway usually in March.

Camp Chef provides the food to fuel these efforts.

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