Baking in the Camp Chef Smoke Vault: Browning and Crisping

By on December 18, 2012

While the Camp Chef Smoke Vault certainly smokes meat up with superiority, it also has other great benefits like baking! Leave the wood chips out (or leave them if you prefer) and your Smoke Vault becomes a baking oven.

During the holiday season, oven space can be at a premium and additional baking space can make preparing for those family gatherings a breeze!

Here are some simple tips and tricks for baking in the smoke vault when you need to brown the top of any recipe like breads, rolls, pies, pizza, or lasagna.

Bake at the same temperature as you would in an Oven.

Place the rolls, pie, or bread on the highest shelf you can while allowing room for it to rise during baking etc. This will allow the heat to reflect off the top of the Smoke Vault and brown up the top of what you are baking.

If you want to bake on a number of racks, simply wrap the rack above it with aluminum foil creating a false lid. Place the items you want to bake on the rack beneath that foil wrapped one allowing the heat again to reflect down upon it.

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  1. I need the gas burner for this smoker.i’m having a hard time finding it on your site.

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