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  • May 17, 2011

    By: Admin

    Gobbler (gobler) Noodles Are Not Too Far Away

    Guy Perkins checking in.

    Ok, yeah I like to fish. Love it in fact. But this year the water has been pretty ugly. Even the reservoirs are dirty. Not to mention the fact that the over abundance of snow has kept me out of hunting turkey in the high country that I like to do so much. I think I like just being up there, and alone. And it is a good excuse for exercising the ticker. Last week I

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  • May 16, 2011

    By: Admin

    Warmed From the Inside Out

    There’s nothing more that I look forward to than spending time outdoors with my family in the hills and on the lakes and rivers of western Montana. I can still remember clearly times from my own childhood exploring creeks and backyards with my younger brother, and I can only hope that my daughter will inherit the same sense of adventure I had.

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