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At the Kitchen Sink

At the Kitchen Sink

“You’ll have to write up that recipe for me and I’ll get it up on the blog”. “Don’t have one”, was the reply. “I just added everything I could find”, Well at least that is another youth taking an interest in cooking.  I can tell you some of what I saw land on the venison. Garlic Salt, Deverls (regional seasoning around Northern Utah) Lowery’s, Soy sauce and then I lost track. But it was good and that is all that matters. My brother helped out by cutting up a few onions. No, he is not one of the Blues Brothers, just has some weird cooking methods. The baking powder biscuits courtesy of my sister in law didn’t do much to help with my weight loss program but hey….I only get em when we get up to see em and mooch diner, which isn’t often enough.

PS oh, and Caspers dressing


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