A scout is prepared. Scouts are also prepared to eat food and good food at that! Wherever your adventure takes your troop, whatever the game plan is… Camp Chef will make feeding your whole troop simple. Here you’ll find all kinds of great gear. Our ever popular Explorer series stoves and accessories are durable, portable and will give you the surface area and power to cook for however many hungry scouts are in camp. Put a Professional Flat Top Griddle on your stove and breakfast is made easy.

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Thanksgiving Turkey with the Turkey Cannon and Brine Kit

As far as food goes on Thanksgiving Day, the turkey is the center of the entire meal. When cooked the turkey is appealing to not only the eyes, but also the nose. That smell of cooking turkey, wafting through the house, starts to make your mouth water. But as pretty as the turkey is, and as good as ... Read More

How to Smoke the Perfect Turkey

With Thanksgiving not to far away, we wanted to show you how we cook a turkey here at Camp Chef HQ. We pulled out our Turkey Cannon, grabbed a bag of our Orchard Apple pellets, a Pellet Grill & Smoker, and we smoked a turkey. If you have not had a smoked turkey, than you don't know what you are ... Read More

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