Skookie Cast Iron Skillet



It’s time to round up the family and friends for great tasting dessert because the Skookie Cast Iron Skillet adds a new twist to brownies and ice cream. Use your favorite cookie or brownie mix, layer the skillet with the dough, bake for a few minutes and eat delicious and exciting desserts. These skillets are also great for personal pizzas, fajitas and much more. Seasoned with Camp Chef’s “True Seasoned Finish,” the Skookie has a natural cooking surface that is ready to use out of the box. 

Each box comes with two skillets, two grip-handle hot pads and a package of delicious cookie mix.


  • Two 7" diameter mini skillets
  • True Seasoned Finished cast iron
  • Two grip-handle hot pads included
  • Package of delicious gourmet cookie mix included

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Holiday Skookies

Holiday Skookies

By: Admin Dec 02, 2013

If you have not noticed, we like to take things we love to the next level of tastiness. For those of us who love the smell of baking cookies, ice cream, and a glass of milk, say hello to the skookie. These wonderful 7 inches of cast iron will forever change your mind on how a cookie should be. ... Learn More

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Holiday Sugar Cookies

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Giant Skookie

Giant Skookie

By: Admin Jul 18, 2012

While the title may be a little confusing, Camp Chef makes this really cute personal cookie skillet:If you have never had one, you might want to try one. A-Mazing. However, if you are short a few skookies, or really hungry, I have a recipe for you! I used a cast iron pie pan (you could also use a sk... Learn More

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