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Camp Chef offers a variety of products designed especially with the Home and Patio in mind. Products to cook with in your kitchen including great cast iron pieces, thermometers and cutting knives. We also offer some great items for your patio that will transform and enhance your backyard experience.

Create your outdoor kitchen with Camp Chef’s Somerset Series stoves. Choose your favorite accessories to go with your stove and maximize your cooking versatility. You can grill, griddle, boil or fry so whatever event you’re hosting you’ll have the tools necessary to prepare the best food.

Enjoy the rest of your evening relaxing next a Camp Chef propane fire pit. Our fire pits are designed to be beautiful centerpieces and will add a pleasant ambience to your backyard patio. Camp Chef propane fire pits are clean, easy to use and won’t leave you smelling like smoke.

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Chocolate Malted Banana Bread

Guest Blogger - The Complete SavoristIngredients:1.5 oz melted chocolate (1 oz baker's square and then dark chocolate chips)¾ Cup malted milk powder¾ Cup milk2 tbsp cocoa powder1¼ cups all purpose flour½ tsp baking soda½ tsp baking powder Pinch of salt⅓ cup butter; softened¾ cup sugar2 mediu... Read More

Baked Apples

 Ingredients:6 Granny Smith Apples2 Cups Brown Sugar3/4 Cup Butter3 Teaspoons Cinnamon1/4 Cup SugarDirections:Core the apples and clean out all seeds.Place the apples in a 10” cast iron Dutch oven in a circle on the outer edge.Fill center of apples with brown sugar until each apple is ¾ full... Read More

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