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Anyone who has canned knows the lasting satisfaction and enjoyment that comes from all the labor put into preserving the harvest. With Camp Chef you’ll find products that will make that process easier and more efficient. Take the heat and mess outside. With a Camp Chef stove you can take your canning outside and save you and your family from an overheated house during canning season. Our stoves feature two and three times the amount of heat found in an ordinary home range. With Camp Chef’s canning supplies and stoves you’ll get the job done faster.

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22 Item(s)

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Canning 101 - In a Jam

I couldn’t pass up a recent Food Network magazine at the check out counter. That almost NEVER happens. The cover was arrayed with fresh garden tomatoes, tiny bits of bacon and Parmesan. It looked so delicious that I couldn’t help myself. When I opened it up, I found some great recipes, including... Read More

Canning 101 - What You'll Need

I started canning about 10 years ago. My mom did NOT have good memories of canning as a child, and as a result, she didn’t want to subject me to the same torture. However, when I planted my first garden (to get produce cheaper and tastier) I found some way of preserving all of that hard work! Back... Read More

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