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Lock the delicious mesquite, hickory or any other smoked flavor into your meats with the Smoke Vault 24”. This simple system will infuse your food with the most appetizing smoked tastes that can’t be experienced any other way. Use the Smoke Vault for a variety of foods from ribs, to a whole turkey and even baked pies. Fully adjustable heat-control dials, three damper valves, and a door thermometer will help you control internal temperatures. Cooking temperatures can vary from 160° F to 400° F. The heavy-gauge steel wood chip tray and water pan create smoke and keep your meats moist. If smoking meats is a new way of cooking to you there is no need to worry; cooking tips, ideas and recipes are included with this smoker to help you get started. Use the Smoke Vault to lock in your favorite flavors.   

Features Gold

The Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24" has been recognized by the industry. It has been awarded the Best Value Gold Medal among dozens of other smokers.

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  • Two adjustable smoking racks
  • One jerky smoking rack
  • Water pan
  • Heavy gauge steel wood chip tray
  • Removable porcelain base tray for easy clean up
  • Three adjustable damper valves; one on top and one on each side
  • Easy to read door thermometer from 50 to 400 degrees
  • Convenient matchless snap-ignition
  • Cooking tips, ideas, and recipes included
  • Protected burner drum for maximum heat control


  • Body Dimensions (w/out legs): 24" W x 16" D x 30" H
  • Total Height (with legs): 44"
  • Door Dimensions: 22 1/2" W x 28" H
  • Cooking Racks Dimensions: 21 1/2" W x 14" D
  • Total Output: 18,000 BTU/hr
  • Maximum Temperature Reading: 400 degrees
  • Shipping Dimensions: 25" x 17.5" x 30.5"
  • Weight: 75 lbs.

Product Downloads:

 SMV24S Instruction Manual

Natural Gas Conversion Guide


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  • From G at 9/3/13 10:56 AM
    • I have the 24" Smoke Vault. I love it and have been using it for years. There is room for 5 racks in the smoker. My smoker came with 2 racks and a jerky rack. Where can I find additional racks so I can smoke more at once? I see additional jerky racks available on Amazon and on your site but can't seem to find the regular racks. Thanks...
    • If you visit our Parts Finder,, you can order a new cooking grid there. Or, you can call us at 1-800-650-2433 and order one over the phone. The part number is SMV-38.
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Hints & Tips
Smoke or Science

Smoke or Science

By: Admin Aug 20, 2015

Smoke Ring – That wonderful ring of pink, just under the surface of smoked meat, letting your eyes and mouth know that the bite you are about to take is packed with flavor. That ring, it’s all in the smoke..or is it? For years, attaining a smoke ring on a brisket or similar cut of meat meant you... Learn More

Strawberry Glazed Ribs

Strawberry Glazed Ribs

By: Admin May 12, 2015

It is time to take those ribs and add a little bit of sweetness to them. This recipe comes from "T" of Q4U BBQ Truck.Ingredients:Rack of RibsOlive OilFavorite Rib RubApple JuiceStrawberry Jam (small jar)Butter (1/4 cup)Directions:Prepare your ribs by removing the membrane. Then lightly coat with oli... Learn More

Homemade Venison Sausage Dogs

Homemade Venison Sausage Dogs

By: Admin Apr 27, 2015

Make your own sausage dogs this spring and summer with this recipe from The Sporting Chef himself, Scott Leysath. If you don't happen to have any alligator meat, swap it out for any other venison meat.Ingredients:1 1/2 pounds boneless pork shoulder, cut into 1/2-inch chunks1/2 pound smoked bacon1 po... Learn More

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Great smoker even for a beginer Review by Jason
I bought this smoker recently from a friend. I've been in the market for a smoker for a while, but wasn't willing to spend the money on something I wasn't entirely sure I was going to use all that much. I picked the smoker up in new condition from a friend who like me didn't use it like they thought they would. After using a few weekends in a row now, I will probably never go back to smoking on the grill. This is easier than the grill smoke method, and the food comes out amazing. Set your temperature, set your chips, put your food in and your done. There's no adjusting temperature, unlike trying to smoke on my grill where it was a constant. Even for me someone who has never fooled with a smoker much, just been around them can look up recipes online and come out like a professional. I have the 24" propane smoker and I will never own anything but.

Would definitely recomend, even for a beginner. (Posted on 6/25/15)
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Great smoker for the price, easy to use, gas is better. Review by Kerry
I used an expensive pellet smoker for years but the food was too dry and too smoky for my tastes. The pellet smokers require special fuel and have too many moving parts to fix and no water tray. They are hard to clean and maintain. The camp chef gas smoker cooks moist meat at low heat with minimum fuss and few parts to replace or break. The water tray is a must for low heat smoking and creating moist meat. The camp chef 24 model is first class gas smoker at a reasonable price. Good value for the buck. Assembly was easy and the service at camp chef is good if you need it. I also own a camp chef gas stove and the burners are high quality like the smoker. You can't go wrong with this smoker and in 5 years you can afford a new one at this price. (Posted on 5/10/15)
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My first smoker and I love it Review by Jack
Assembly was reasonably easy. The only problem was getting the door off but WD40 took care of that.

We had never used a smoker before so I followed the seasoning instructions and several of the hints and tips. Our first attempt was a 22 pound turkey. We butterflied the bird, applied a dry rub and used mesquite ( this is Arizona!) chips. We smoked it the day before Thanksgiving, let it cool, sliced it, wrapped it plastic wrap then foil and stuck it in the frig.

The next day we simply put the foil pouch in the oven to reheat. No the plastic wrap doesn't melt and it helps keep the meat moist. We thought it was the best turkey we had ever eaten and everybody at the dinner love it.

So we next tried a "picnic" port roast with similar success. Two or two, we look forward to using our smoker frequently. We are smokin' fans!

(Posted on 11/28/14)
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Some Camp Chef 24 assembly issues Review by PaulC
Just received my Smoke Vault 24 and am in the process of assembling it. The product came quickly through Amazon Prime, with only a few minor dings in the outside box (a UPS issue, I think). No dents in the smoker, just a few almost unnoticeable dings in the stainless steel door that you can't see unless the light shining on it hits at just the right angle. The door (or hinges) also appears to be slightly warped, so if you hold the top right corner in, the door juts out a bit at the bottom right corner. When I finish assembling it, we'll see if locking the handle solves the problem.

The only other damage I noted was two very minor scrapes on the outside paint. I'll spray those with a high temperature black paint before I season it.

Potential buyers should be aware of two other things. Although Camp Chef is a U.S. company, the Smoke Vault is made in China. I was having quite a bit of trouble find a wrench in my arsenal to fit the M6 nuts used to assemble the unit. Went to Lowes and determined that the nuts we not English units (e.g. inches) but metric. They turned out to be 10mm. So if you buy one of these (and I assume this holds true for the Smoke Vault 18 as well) make sure you have a small (not longer than approximately 5 inches, for clearance)10mm combination open-end/box wrench handy.

It would have been nice if Camp Chef included a small 10mm wrench (like IKEA does) or switch to English unit hardware.

Another thing to watch for is that the smoker box comes with the wire rails that hold the racks already assembled into the cabinet. I didn't want to remove them and found that I was scraping my knuckles and bruising my wrist trying to reach back into the cabinet over the rails to insert the M6 screws from the inside (as shown in the assembly diagram) and attach the nuts from the outside. If I had to do it again, I'd remove the rails first.

Almost done with assembly. This is a well-made, humongous smoker. I'll update after my first smoke!! (Posted on 10/29/14)
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Not just a smoker. It's a lare outdoor oven. Review by Scott
I suppose there's no good time for an oven to go out, but mine died the day before Christmas. Fortunately, I was able to prepare roasted vegetables, baked potatoes and a giant prime rib in my Smoke Vault outdoors. Once each item was done, I was able to hold it at serving temperature (while heating the rolls) in the Vault.

I've yet to find another smoker that will fire up to 450 - 500 degrees and still do a great job of lower temperature smoking of fish, game and domestic meats. The only downside is that, unless it's very cold outside, you can't smoke at lower temperatures of +/- 120 degrees or so.

It is well-built and requires only propane and any hunk of wood, chips or charcoal to create smoke. Once it's seasoned, you can get great smoke flavor without adding any wood at all.

Scott Leysath (Posted on 7/16/13)
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